Consulting Services

We can help you design or improve your parking operation.  We have over fifty combined years of experience in parking system design, operations and management — and employ industry best practices and the latest technologies.

Our parking consultants provide:

Contractual Reviews
All parking operations change over time, and eventually require a review of their parking systems, equipment or operator contracts.  We can help you align your parking operation to your evolving business goals.  Read more about our parking contract review process.

Operator Selection and Audits
Whether you have a new development that needs a parking facility operator and you are trying to decide if in-house or out-sourcing is your best solution, it’s time to review an existing provider’s services or you need to identify revenue opportunities – our parking consultants provide a comprehensive audit and review approach. Read more about our parking operator audits and selection process.

Parking and Ancillary Equipment Selection
Do you need to replace or purchase new parking equipment? Whether you are a municipality looking to move to  a multi-space format, or a university, airport or commercial venture looking to improve customer service or generate additional revenue — our parking consultants can help.  Read more about our comprehensive approach to parking equipment selection.

Parking Feasibility and Demand Studies
A complex set of revenue and expense projections are required for any parking feasibility study. Our parking consultants can provide cash flow projections and proforma models that help you determine the economic viability of a parkade or surface lot.  Read more about our parking feasibility and demand studies.

Parking Planning and Operation Reviews
From conception through to the development of working drawings and the final opening of your parkade or surface lot, our parking structure and operations reviews can help owners and operators improve efficiency, customer service, and revenues, all while reducing operating costs.  Read more about our parking facility planning and reviews.

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