Parking Planning and Operation Review

Our comprehensive parking facility planning and operational reviews give you the information you need to optimize your parkade or surface lot.
Our parking consultants look at your site, business goals and target audience as part of the planning and review process before providing you with project specific information, including:

  • Proforma development showing potential parking revenue streams and operational expenses
  • Operational analysis with impact statements indicating parking operations requirements (i.e. manpower, equipment, etc.)
  • Comparative analysis of in-house versus outsourced parking services*
  • Functional design refinements for vehicle and pedestrian movements to improve wayfinding among user groups
  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) recommendations to improve user comfort and parking facility safety
  • Maintenance plan for parking structure and ancillary equipment to improve life cycle and lower costs
  • Parking equipment, communication and electrical reviews
  • Signage and parking guidance systems (PGS) and pedestrian wayfinding  for improved customer usability and reduced idle times

*Need to outsource?  We provide outsourcing support services for parking system  and operator or parking management companies, from  RFP specifications to contract reviews.

The Parking Development Group – Canada’s Parking Consultants

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